…are done for now. Four new Golden Age scientists have been added to the tabbed pages above: Isaac Beeckman (1588 – 1637), an early physicist; Herman Boerhaave (1668 – 1738) a botanist and physician; Willem Jacob ’s Gravesande (1688-1742) a scientific generalist who was quite renowned in his time and Simon Stevin (1548 – 1620), another generalist who had an interest in music, mathematics, engineering, optics, astronomy and geography. Most of these are from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Digital Library of History of Science and Scholarship in The Netherlands.

To properly display the greater amount of pages, I have adopted a new design. It is not a perfect solution, but the best I could find among WordPress’s templates. I would have preferred a three column design but there seemed to be many problems with the widgets and with limitations on what could be shown in which column, so I gave up on them. I would also like to see pages open up with blank tabs, so that more sub-pages could be added, but this also does not seem possible. But my search for solutions also inadvertently lead me to find the correct method to place a donation button in the side-bar, something which I could not achieve before.

So more scientists and more links to dig up! As usual comments and suggestions are always appreciated.


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