Born Today – Govard Bidloo

Govard Bidloo

Govard Bidloo

Govert or Govard Bidloo (Amsterdam, 12 March 1649 – Leiden, 30 March 1713) was a surgeon, anatomist, court physician, professor, writer of stage work and librettist. Around 1670 he was initially trained as surgeon as a pupil of the anatomist Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731)

Bidloo studied medicine and graduated at the University of Franeker on May 8, 1682. In 1688 he became lecturer in dissection and anatomy in ‘s Gravenhage (The Hague). In 1690 he was head of the Dutch health service then three years later in England. During the visit of Stadholder Willem III to The Hague (February 1691) for talks with the anti-French League, Bidloo published  Departing from his Majesty William III, King of Great Britanje etc. in Holland. Romeyn de Hooghe designed a large number of decorations and made the prints in the book. In 1690 Bidloo and Romeyn de Hoogheproduced a number of pamphlets against the mayors of the city of Amsterdam. Bidloo lived in Golden Bay, at Herengracht 455.

Title Page

In 1694  Bidloo was professor of surgery and anatomy at the University of Leiden until 1701 when he was inivited to be court physician by King Willem III in London . The Stadholder king died in his arms (or those of Hans Willem Bentinck?). In 1702 he was again professor in Leiden, where he died March 30, 1713. Bidloo was succeeded by Herman Boerhaave.

Nicolaes Bidloo, his son, became personal physician to Peter the Great in 1702.

Govard Bidloo published Anatomia Humani Corporis (Dissection of the Human Body) in Amsterdam in1685. For the time, the book was considered an innovative anatomical atlas, with beautiful drawings by Gerard de Lairesse.

(All information and images adapted from the Dutch and English versions of Wikipedia)


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