A Gift From The Royal Society

In celebration of its 350th anniversary,  The Royal Society (London)  is opening its digital vaults again!

Celebrating three and a half centuries of science in 2010

The dissemination of scientific research has been a core activity for the Royal Society since it was granted a Royal Charter to publish in 1662. Three and a half centuries later, publishing is still a cornerstone of the Society’s work and Philosophical Transactions is officially the world’s longest-running scientific journal.

During the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary year in 2010, we will celebrate our contribution to science publishing by launching several commemorative initiatives, all of which will be completely free to access.

Go to this Royal Society Publishing page and enter your choice of either ‘Leeuwenhoek’, ‘Leeuwenhoeek’, ‘Leewenhoeck’ or ‘Leeuvenhoek’. Try your own variations of the spelling – who knows what you may come up with!

For instance, I did a search of  ‘de Graaf’, an early supporter of Leeuwenhoek, and it revealed the first published letter revealing Leeuwenhoek’s unique skill with the microscope:

PDF’s are free to download, but only until the 28th of February, 2010.

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