Farewell Antoni

"Lens on Leeuwenhoek"

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Centraal, the blog,  is now officially retired. I began this site originally because I was disappointed that Holland, and the town of Delft, in particular, had made no concrete attempt to recognize van Leeuwenhoek and his impact on early science. As far as I know, this has not changed. However, with the proliferation of blogs and websites, I can rest assured that at least in the digital world, Leeuwenhoek will not be forgotten.

Particularly, there is one website that has excelled in the life and times of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. I want to encourage all visitors to this blog to visit the excellent Lens on Leeuwenhoek site: it is by far the best resource for all things Leeuwenhoek. And please, look to the sidebar here for many more links to fascinating history of science sites.

I have not stopped blogging entirely. I will be opening a photography website soon, and I have just launched a new site called Splendor Awaits, which will reveal my primary interests: bugs and macro photography. Eventually, I hope to continue my  fascination with the history of science at Splendor Awaits, particularly in regards to the history of entomology. No doubt Leeuwenhoek will be part of my life again then!

Goodbye, and please visit me at my new site.


One thought on “Farewell Antoni

  1. I’m sad to see you ending this blog. When I visited Delft, like you, I was astounded at the lack of attention to such an outstanding pioneer of microscopy and biology. Thank you so much for the links you’ve provided to other excellent Leeuwenhoek sites.

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