My Studio at the Rijksmuseum

Whenever I have a moment to spare, I go to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and get to work. I roam the halls of the museum alone (yes, after hours!), and whenever I see a painting or a sketch that I like, I take it and bring it into my own secret studio, where I examine it at my own leisure. Sometimes, I notice a detail in an image that I really love, so I take a pair of scissors, and then with sinister delight, I cut it out. Sometimes I discard the original, but mostly I save them both. I try to keep the images I take organised, so I stack them into heaps, so I can quickly find the one I want if the inkling strikes me. I have some vague plans for these images: some will be useful for decorating but others may be better if I add some of my own details, or perhaps I will cut out some portions of one print and replace them with cut-outs from another. Some I will be tempted to stick on a plain t-shirt or an apron to give them a bit of class, others may be mashed-up and mixed with glue to form some type of modelling clay…

Welcome to my Rijks studio.

Click to visit!

Click to visit!




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