The Lowlands Low

I’ve collected some of the folk songs that inspired the name of this blog. If anyone knows of more songs with “lowlands low” mentioned in the lyrics, please let me know!

Young Edwin in the Lowlands Low, from Broadsheet Ballads Online (The Bodleian Library)

Young Edwin in the Lowlands Low

Click to enlarge. From the Bodleian Library (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

The Lowlands Low (from the Wexford Song Project)

Lyrics: PJ McAll, Air: Traditional

Version 1

Dunmore we quitted, Michelmas gone by

Cowhides and wool and live cargo

Twenty young wild geese

Ready fledged to fly

Sailing for the Lowlands Low


The lowlands low, the lowlands low

Sailing for the lowlands low

Shaun Paor’s the skipper From the church of Crook

Peary keeps log for his father

Crew all from Bannow Fethard and the Hook

Sailing for the Lowlands low


These twenty wild geese Gave Queen Anne the slip

Crossing to Louis in Flanders

He and Jack Malbrook Both are in a grip

Fighting in the Lowlands Low


Close lay  a rover Off the Isle of Wight

Either a Salee or Saxon!

Out through the sea mist We bade them goodnight

Sailing for the Lowlands Low


Ready with priming, We’d our galliot gun

Muskets and pikes in good order

We should be riddled, Captives would be none Death!

or else the Lowlands low


Pray Holy Brendan, Turk nor Algerine

Dutchman nor Saxon may sink us!

We’ll bring Geneva, Sack and Rhenish wines

Safely from the lowlands low.